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摘要: “新的旧物”,这一切入点无论对于美术还是设计,都是很好的话题。艺术创作和设计不能凭空而来,它总是在人类文明创造的层层积淀之下而产生,这种积淀包括物质的实存,也包括那些隐在的思想因子。


Old and new - Design between Tradition and Innovation


Duration:December 2nd,2019-January 10th,2020


Openning Ceremeny:13:00,December 2nd,2019


Address: Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,No.257 Changgang Road,Haizhu District,Guangzhou,Guangdong Province,P.R.China


Organizers:Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,Goethe-Institut(China),Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen(ifa)


Curator:Volker Albus


Academic Directors: Hu BIn,Chen Xiaoyang


Exhibition Executive:Hou Yuyi,Liu Ziyuan


Public Education: Xue Yan


Graphic Design: Chen Huahui


Administrative Coordination:Cai Can,Du Qianying





广州美术学院美术馆常务副馆长 胡斌

    As the only independently established academy of fine arts in south China, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts has the systematic disciplines of fine arts and design, and has formed its own characteristics and orientation, continuously spreading its own voice on the domestic and international stage. The Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, as an academic platform for communication in and out of the school, has a series of international art and design communication in its research and exhibition framework. On the one hand, it is to disseminate the academy’s own creation and teaching achievements, and on the other hand, it is to introduce international excellent art and design cases. It is with this in mind that we are collaborating with Goethe-Institut(China) and Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen(ifa) to co-host the itinerant exhibition "New Olds——Design between Tradition and Innovation" in Guangzhou.

    "New Olds" is a good topic for both art and design. Art creation and design cannot come out of nothing. They are always generated by the accumulation of the creation of human civilization, which including the physical existence as well as the hidden ideological factors. However, the creators with keen consciousness are not satisfied with the repetition of the same steps, but need to make changes based on their times. It is in this tension between tradition and innovation that design continues to advance. Moreover, the use of olds not only continues a certain context of time, but also meets the needs of the ecologic environmental development. Most of the materials used by the foreign designers in this exhibition are relatively daily and traditional, by recycling and re-designing, they take on a new look. "New Olds" is also a topic that many artists and designers of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts are thinking and practicing. They start from the furnishings of their daily life and local traditional culture, combine the current ideological interest and life perception, and make many kinds of "olds" that are conventional or full of historical dust become shining with new vitality. "New Olds" exhibitions have been held in Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, China Design Museum of China Academy of Art, Red Dot Design Museum in Xiamen, etc. Each exhibition attempts to establish a certain kind of field of dialogue between two sides, and this one is the same. The participation of several outstanding artists, designers and groups from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts will form a vivid dialogue based on the same topic between different cultural backgrounds and different regions. If we link up the circumstances of different venues, it will be a comparison with rich meaning.

    Thanks for the cooperation of Goethe-Institut(China), Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen(ifa) and the curator Mr. Volker Albus, and thanks for the support of Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Guangzhou, Ms. Gong Yingchun’s contact and the hard work of designers, artists and working teams on both sides, we believe that this exhibition will bring new feelings and inspirations to many students, teachers and audiences. 

Hu Bin, Deputy Director of Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts






福尔克·阿尔布斯 教授 

The exhibition “new olds. Design between Tradition and Innovation” is the latest in a series of design exhibitions in which the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. (ifa) focuses on specific trends in design. “new olds” now presents more than sixty exhibits that explore design between tradition and innovation. The great variety and topicality of the many approaches are bundles around the themes material, construction, configuration, production, and traditional use. Forty-five designers and design teams from Germany, other European countries and the USA, as well as several Chinese designers enter here into an intensive dialogue, and the international nature of the show is further emphasized by its world tour with its connections to the local cultures on site.

Design has a short and highly successful history in the west. It quickly became a key feature of a collective understanding of culture, and is correspondingly appreciated and communicated. Outside the western hemisphere too design is gaining significance, and not just as a profession. What are seen as successful idioms are copied and varied, but many of the motifs that are sold as “new” actually derive from a historical context and formal idiom, and are self-contained products of one country or culture, representing a new interpretation of traditional forms. This exhibition, “new olds”, looks at aspects of the “new” and the “old” in a range of objects and groups of objects, discussing differences and new common ground. Designers today are taking a keen interest in tradition in both a strategic and formal and aesthetic sense-in recycling and redesign, by transforming design classics and using traditional methods for new materials.

The “new olds” exhibition aims to show the international and complex nature of this discourse in contemporary design in three ways. Firstly, we invite the general public to enjoy the visual and sensual presentation of the exhibits. Secondly, the accompanying events and education programme will focus on dialogue in workshops that are tailored to each location of the exhibition tour, and the design experts working there. The third element is documentation of the exhibition in a blog, showing the work of local designers.

I would like to thank Art Museum of GAFA and Goethe-Institut(China) for their strong support for this exhibition, thank more for the works provided by Chinese designers. They will further facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas on contemporary theory and design practice in a variety of nations and cultures.


Prof.Volker Albus

维尔纳·艾斯林格/书架/ 2007年

Werner Aisslinger / books / Regal / 2007

艾米丽·维尔林,杰拉姆·内莱特/中国制造/ 合奏/ 椅子/ 2008 年

Émilie Voirin, Jérôe Nelet /Made in China / Ensemble / Stuhl / 2008

匹克·伯格曼斯——设计- 病毒工作室/灯泡-手风琴/ 经典伸缩臂灯具/ 2009 年

Pieke Bergmans — Design Virus /Light Blub — Accordion /Klassische Scherenleuchte / 2009

弗兰克·威廉姆斯/ 鲁本斯女士,佩蒂特厚圆椅垫/ 沙发椅,厚圆椅垫/2008 年

Frank Willems / Plus de Madam Rubens, Petit pouf / Sessel, Pouf / 2008

卡特琳·索恩莱特纳/ 拼图波斯地毯/ 地毯/ 2007-2009 年

Katrin Sonnleitner / PuzzlePerser / Teppich / 2007-2009 

理查德·胡腾/ 玩味传说/ 地毯/ 2008 年

Richard Hutten / Playing with Tradition / Teppich / 2008

前沿设计工作室,索菲亚·拉格克维斯特,夏洛特·冯·拉肯,安娜·林特格伦,卡蒂雅·萨瓦斯托姆/ 吹走的花瓶/花瓶/2009 年

Front ,Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken,Anna Lindgren, Katja Sävström/Blow Away Vase/Vase/ 2009


Lu Biaobiao/Memorys/Ceramics

陈晓阳&银坎保/角柜计划/杉木,环保木 蜡油/2019年

Chen Xiaoyang& Yin Kanbao/The Corner Cabinet Plan/Woods,Wax oil/2019


Zhang Xiaochuan/Maritime Silk Road/Jewelry/2018


Ding Min /Eobiont/porcelain,acrylic,Stainless steel/2019


Zhang Xinqi /Guangrass project/2016


Zhuang Jiajing& Chen Jing/Southern Shanxi region Thousand-layer Cloth Shoes Traditional Craft Cultural and Creation Project/2013-2019


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